House rental: To furnish the property or not?

Perhaps, you're looking to rent your house without undergoing difficulty in the process, nor getting involved in the ground rent scandal. Here, we provide you with a key point you should consider if you look to have a successful lease-out.

Rent the house naked or fully-furnished?

The first question to ask yourself during the process of renting out your property is this: do I rent empty or have it furnished first?

To be able to answer this question, it is necessary first to study the type of customers who frequent the geographical area where your house is located:

Short-term or permanent rental?

Are the surroundings mainly visited by tourists who stay only for a short time, or are they rather frequented by a sedentary clientele (like students, families, etc).

It is obvious that if you find yourself in the first situation, you will opt for a seasonal furnished rental. The advantages of seasonal rentals are multiple.

The tenant is not protected against eviction (once the contract has come to an end), so you run no risk of losing money because of a tenant who does not pay his rent.

In the case of a less touristic region that receives more students or sedentary people, you have the choice between a classically furnished rental and an empty rental.

Empty tenancy

In empty rental, the tenant must provide his own furniture. But he enjoys more protection, being that the rental conditions are more favorable to him.

In empty tenancy, tenants generally stay longer, but it is also more difficult to find tenants. Regarding the cancellation of the lease by the tenant, the notice is usually 3 months in empty rental and 1 month in furnished rental.

Last line

Since the majority of all lessees are now being careful during the leasing process, as a result of the 2018 ground rent scandal, youshould be ready in case you need to sign legal documents.